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    Children Protection, Best Education


    BEKASI - Mother of Literacy of West Java Netty Heryawan said 30% of population in Indonesia were children as the young generation. However, in reality the numbers of child abuse issue was increasing.

    "Every child is not asking to be born in a certain family and how he will be taken care. So, as the parents who is meant to be the first educator for children, we should aware with our duties," Netty said in front of students' parents in Moslem Integrated Schools Network (JSIT) in West Java Expo 2017 at OSO Sport Center Hall Bekasi regency, Thursday (19.1.17).

    That's why, Netty said, schools became a second home for children. They gave comfortable and safety feeling when getting abused in home, so they would feel helped. Because his parents who married in the earlier age did not have vission.

    Therefore, in Netty's opinion with the existance of Islam Integrated School (SIT) became an anwer for parents in developing their children's characters. So there would be a generation who have Mecca's hear with Germany's mind. With the existance of SIT, it did not meant to make Islam exclusine in the society.

    Netty responded to intolerant phenomenon that happened nowadays especially in West Java. West Java had faced many problems in democration life including political celebration, harmony, and tolerance that developed well. So that, the indication of intolerent towards something was not significant and had to be avoided.

    "Next, tolerance and harmony in many religions congregations including races and ethnics exist when there is cordination between the autorities and others are going well. Between government, laws enforcement, religion actors, citizen figures, and citizen organization," he revealed.

    Netty believed that in the future West Java could be a prototype of province in Indonesia that had peace and tolerance situation from past until now that would not be affected with the issue that spread in social media.

    Netty also expected that eduaction was not only one side responsibility, schools or government but all of authority figures shared the same resonsibilities. Together with schools comittees and parents, they can be the best partner to schools and never thought becoming oposition for school.

    The Chairman of West Java JSIT Dedi Supriadi said that the purpose of West Java JSIT Expo 2017 was to introduce the Islam education institution and to inspire other schoolds. so that, they could improve the quality of West Java education that could make a good generation who had good attitude and behaviour and could have ability to compete with others. It was followed by 70 stands of education fair, held from January 19-22 2017. It held many competitions such as tahfidz Al-Quran, drawing contest, poetry reading, and nasyid. Moreover, there was stands from other Islam integrated schools in West Java.

    The Head of Department of Education of West Java Province Ahmad Hadadi, the Head of Department of Education of Bekasi Regency was representatived by the Head of Infrastructure and Data Collection Field Sutarman, the Chairman of Central JSIT Suko Muhab, the Chairman of West Java JSIT Dedi Supriadi, the Chairman of JSIT of Bekasi Regency Chaeruniasa and all of JSIT in the regencies or cities in West Java.

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