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    FKBS' Benefits Should Be Felt by Its Citizens


    BANDUNG - Bandung Regent H. Dadang Mochamad Naser, SH, S.Ip, M.Ip said the existance of FKBS (Bandung Regency Healthy Forum) could be as the streght and government partner in improving the health in Bandung regency. As a partner of government region, Dadang Mochamad Naser said every OPD (Organization of Region Unit) had to support FKBS' activities in fostering, directing, including funding.

    Dadang said FKBS was a media of Bandung Regency citizens to express their opinions or complaints, and all of problems related with citizens' health.

    However, in its implementation, Dadang continued that this forum did not have budget and the members were come from volunteers that had awareness, energy, time, and thought for improving Bandung Regency citizens' health.

    "Do not squander the budget on unimportant things. FKBS has a clear goal, to contribute improving the degree and quality of citizens' health. So as the region government, they should give funding to FKBS activities," he said while inaugurated the members of FKBS periods of 2016-2021 at his Home Office in Soreang, Thursday (19/01/17).

    Dadang said that the improvement of health sector became a priority of the goverment due to its high influence towards the other improvement aspects, one of them was towards productivity and economic condition in Bandung regency.

    He expected that with this sufficient funding, the progress of FKBS activities benefits should be felt by all of citizens. "The budget should be used as properly as possible, it should have positive effect to Bandung Regency citizens" he said.

    In that occassion, Dadang reminded to all of OPD in fostering, they did not allow to do it with partial and sectoral ego. "Every good leader in Regency level, sub-distruc, until village should understand with his responsibility. So in the implementation, there is no play victim," he also emphasized.

    Meanwhile Kurnia Dadang Naser at his speech explained that in the members of FKBS this periods, from 44 members FKBS that were inaugurated, besides involving entrepreneurs, non-govermental organizations, civil servants, journalists, environment figures, and empowerment family welfare (PKK), it was also involving Scout and Hiposis Movement in all of Bandung regency.

    Since Nia as the wife of Bandung Regent said that the hygine and environment issue without age limitation, all of them should be involved. "In fact, starting from schools' environment will teach students earlier to aware with the hygine of their environment," she said.

    Meanwhile in facing the development and the progress of FKBS activities that had been done in previous periods, according to Nia from  the testimonial result, some of citizens had felt the benefits from this program.

    As being mentioned by Nia, one person from Rancaekek sub-district admited that the sub-district government had given socialization about Enviromental Program from FKBS. In Pasirjambu sub-district, some of citizens had already had their own sanitation.

    Citizens in Baleendah, as Nia said, they had felt the healt peformance in Health Services (Yankes) was nice and got aids from region government. Facility of Cangkuang citizens's healt was almost same like in a hospital.

    "Meanwhile in Ciporeat Cilegkrang village, all of the citizens are not defecating randomly again, it mean that this program result has been felt by many citizens." Nia said while asking Bandung Regency Government to keep socialization this program related with sanitation.

    The Region Secretary of Bandung Regency Ir.H.Sofian Nataprawira, MP, the Head of FKBS Bandung Regency Steering Team, Ir. Ernawan Mustika, all of OPD Heads, all of heads of sub-districts, and the Chairman of Movement Team (TP) PPK attended in this inauguration.

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