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    West Java IPHI Commited to Raise Congregation Economics


    GARUT - the Chairman of the Association of Indonesian Hajjes Brotherhoods (IPHI) in West Java, H. Holil Aksan Umarzein stated his preparation to raise congregation economic. To support that idea, IPHI commited to build relation in very width range to updgrade West Java IPHI became the one who suggested brotherhoods between congregations without making differences between races, tribes, and languages with holding the charity in various fields.

    The affirmation was delivered by Holil in front of 200 participats of a Region Working Meeting (Rakerwil) V West Java IPHI at Nature Resource Resort in Garut, Wednesday (18/1). According to Holil, IPHI could be as the government parner to raise citizens' economic. "Imagine, how many members of West Java IPHI? They are so potential in the econimcs side and knowledge of the discipline," he said.

    Holil continued that IPHI was an asset to help nation to put forward the brotherhoods feeling betweet Moslem congregations. For that reason, his parties opened up to the government parties, private, and other parties that had goals to welfare West Java citizens.

    "IPHI commited to be the one who sugget the brotherhoods between one congregation with others, not making any differences of races, tribes, and nation," he emphasized that was greeted by participants' applause including the Vice of West Java Governor H. Deddy Mizwar and Garut Regent Rudy Gunawan.

    Garut Regent Rudy Gunawan appreciated the region working meeting that held in Garut regency. According to him, people with hajj title were associated with economic status with good behaviour and attitude, so that the existance of IPHI was believed had power especially in political fields because they became vote getter. "In political point of views, we can not see it as an inferior group. Since they are associated with good behaviour and attitude, and also have bigger affect," he concluded.

    Meanwhile, the Vice of West Java Governor Dedy Mizwar intended West Java IPHI to build a cooperation so that they could build IPHI hospital. "If it is counted, for instance the numbers of IPHI members reached 2 million people with IDR 50,000 as the savings, in one month it will become IDR 100 billion. And if only half of the numbers of people who are active, it will become IDR 50 billion in one month. It is possible to make IPHI dream to build a hospital come true," he emphasized that was greeted by participants' applause.

    The Region Working Meeting V of West Java IPHI with "Revitalization and Consolidation of Organization to Build Partnership and Brotherhoop in order to Encourage Economic Education Progress and West Java citizens' health" as the theme that happened in 2 days (January 18 to 19 2017).

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