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    Batik, National Identity that Should be Preserved


    CIREBON-Batik's development in West Java was really impressive, almost 27 regencies or cities started to make their own batik motif. One of them is Mega Mendung that come from Cirebon that being known by many people.

    According to the Chairman of the Board Craft National and Regional West Java, Netty Heryawan when she visited the Center Batik Trusmi Cirebon , wednesday (18.1.17). "It happens because Cirebon citizens characteristics is at the cross trade that makes handicrafmen are breave to make other motif than usual," she continued.

    With their braveness, they create new motif and colour that is more creative and innovative in society. The additional value, Netty added, since Batik was appointed as Intangible World Heritage on october 2 2009, it made the citizens love batik more.

    It made the Board Craft National and Regional West Java encourage businessman and handicraftmen especially batik to develop their creativity and innovation towards training. In general, Netty added, the color and Batik motifs was always in dark color. So that, there were some regions that were not brave to make other motif with bright color, as the result their batik was less prefered by people.

    "Nowadays Batik is not only needed as statement of fashion, but also it is applicable to an interior of houses," she daid.

    Responding to the photo of one artist in the World, Madonna who went viral when she wore Batik in her photo session, Netty added that batik was curently known by many people in the world. Even Nelson Mandela was also popular with Batik shirt icon that went viral in various social media.

    "We only have to focus on how we document the motif that being used outside the country. Thar is our responsibble the Board Craft National and Regional, Ministry of Law and Human Rights, and assissted by Industry and Trade Department to keep intellectual property rights in every new motif that from local Batik handicraftmen," Netty said.

    Of course Batik should be preserved by citizens especially the young generation. Since according to Netty, Batik was associated with old people since the old people were more dilligent and detail, but it did not mean that young people can make their own batik with their creativity.

    "Batik does not only make all of Indonesian proud, but it also has effect to our industry," she concluded.

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