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    RZ Developed Onion's Cultivation in Subang


    SUBANG - Alms House (Rumah Zakat or RZ) had a program to develop onion's leaf in Cisaat village, Ciater sub-district, Subang Regency. The development of onion leafs were to explore the village's potential besides to utilize the remaining lands.

    "Planting onion leafs are easy. Moreover, as we know Subang has cold atmosphere. So, I think there is no any probelms to develop onion's cultivation program in here," Nana Hidayat said as the Inspirational Volunteer of Subang RZ, Thursday (19/1).

    In that village, there was 10 people who received the aid of 10 polybags of onion leafs. While the fertilizers, they used goats' feses from citizens' farm that was also joined Farm Group of RZ.

    Although at the rainy season there were many damage plants that would affect the harvest but Cisaat Village citizens kept trying to develop that program. As being said by one of them, Sudirman that had felt the benefits of onion leafs cultivation.

    "Alhamdulillah, I've got benefits from this onion leafs cultivation. It can help to increase my income. From selling onion leaf, I can get benefits about IDR 500,000, and sometimes IDR 1.5 million in one harvest," he said.

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