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    Osteosarcoma Cancer Patients Got a Peg Leg


    BANDUNG - With Sharing Happiness program, Alms House (Rumah Zakat - RZ) got a peg leg to help Mochammad Fieky Raihan to come back to school, after got the doctor's veredict that he had Osteosarcoma or (bone cancer) in January 2016.

    Fieky said that the peg leg aid that was given from RZ was really helpful helping Rizky to do his activities especially to go to school.

    "Alhamdulillah after got peg leg, I am really thankful becuase of the peg legs, I can come back to school again," he said.

    Meanwhile, Darshono as Fieky's grandfather said that with the peg leg,
    Fieky could do his activities just like before he got the cancer.

    Previously in December 2015, Fieky's leg was bummped into motorcycle step when he went to school and fell down. After that, there was a bump as big as an egg above his knee, and it became bigger every day. And after it was checked by a doctor, doctor said that Fieky got bone cancer 4 stages so that his leg should be amputated.

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