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    BJB Fixed Human Resources in Order to be in the Big Ten


    BANDUNG - Senior of Vice President Corporate Secretary Division of BJB Bank, Hakim Putranama said that at this moment BJB was in 14th position of the Biggest Bank in Indonesia. To get in the big ten of the Biggest Bank in Indonesia, his parties had made some changes. One of them was to improve fixing human resources.

    "BJB Bank is always encourage all of the employees to hold onto cooperate values. Since the stronger cooperate values that they have, the strongest their effort to be more advance with the cooperation. So that, the cooperation's vission and mission are accomplished," he said in his statement in Bandung, Wednesday (18/1).

    Hakim explained that BJB had done several steps as its effort to introduce the cooperation values. It was helped by Leaders of Changes and Agent of Changes that had been pointed by all of emloyees' unit to introduce the changes of the culture to their own units.

    "Each employee should understand and apply the cooperation's values in all of company's operational activities," he said.

    As Hakim stated that the programs that had been done made formation of Internalization Culture Team that consisted of change sponsors, change leaders, change agents, and change targets, and also Change Management Office Divison to be responsible on the process of internalization culture.

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