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    Netty Wanted Schools as the Second Home for Children


    CIMAHI - To motivate reading interest and culture movement among all of students, mother of West Java Literacy Netty Heryawan visited 2 Cimahi Junior High School at KPAD Sriwijaya Street in Cimahi ciy, Tuesday (17/1/17). Current index of citizens' reading in Indonesia was only 0.0001% it meant that there were only one person who liked to read from 1000 people.

    To prove it, while interacting with the students, Netty asked what subjects that they prefered and not. According to all of 1,340 students in senior high schools, the subjects which they did not like were mathematics, physics, history, and chemistry. It was same with student of 2 cimahi senior high school mentioned.

    Of course there were many factors that were affected them, Netty explained, according to some research institutes, they mentioned about student's understanding towards subjects and teachers' explanation in order to understand the class. But by reading, it would increase their knowledge and making tough characters for young generation.

    On the other hand in her visit, Netty wanted to steadying the process over governace of senior high schools or vocational high schools to West Java Government. Followed by fixing the implementation and the quality of human resources starting from the learning process at schools. By building schools that were friendly and comfortable for children without any bullying cases that happened in students.

    "So let's answer together the challenge that SMA/SMK in West Java should be second homes for children in all of regions. Be schools that can be comfortable for children," she continued.

    There were three types of students that are the one who was being forced, the one who just did like the others, and the one who went to school by his awareness. "You are the children that realize to get success starting from right now, you have to try from the beginning until the end with studying hard, faith, and pray," Netty expected.

    As being explained by the head of Education Department of West Java, Ahmad hadadi said in UU No 23 in 2014, since Janury 2017 the management of SMA/SMK has moved from regencies/cities level to West Java province.

    The principal of 2 Cimahi senior high school, Yayat Supriati argues that West Java government was brave enough to take steps by taking over the management of SMA/SMK in regencies while the province had not been ready yet. With this way, it could improve their peformance and service quality especially on students.

    Besides giving directions to 2 Cimahi senior high school students, Netty also visited biology and chemistry laboratory by trying some experiments with students. She also visited library and School Health Unit (UKS) as one of school services in supporting the learning process.

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