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    Ahead of Region Election of West Java in 2018, West Java Government Would Hold a Working Meeting


    BANDUNG - In order to draft The Report of Local Government Administration (LPPD) 2016, West Java Government held a Working Meeting (Raker) at West Hall of Sate Building Bandung, Tuesday (17/2017). A working meeting would be arranged to sign the deals about the funds of the region election of governors, regents, and mayors of West Java in 2018.

    All of the heads of regions in West Java came to this working meeting. One of them was Bima Arya that was accompanied by the Head of Governance Field M. Taufik and the Head of Cooperated Bogor City Government.

    In the meeting, West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan said as based on Article number 69 subsection 1 UU No.23/2014 about Region Government that the Head of Regions should report on region governance's implementation in 3 months at the latest after the end of budget year or March 2017. "It is the last LPPD that is separated with LKIP because in the next year RPPD, LKIP, and LKPJ DRPD will be united. It will be ended in Ministry of Home Affairs, LKPD will be ended in BPK, and LKIP will be ended in RB," as Kang Aher said in front of the head of cities and regions of West Java.

    Aher explained in drafting achievement performance of LPPD should come from data element of OPD's performance not based on BPS. In serving, the data should be provided with the support evidences from perfomance data which was accurate, objective, and accountable. "No matter how good our work, if there is no report, it will be hard to be known whether it is good or bad," Aher continued.

    Especially for LPPD, Aher said that it would be ended in ranking. For province, it would be given the best 3, while regency and cities would be give the best 10. "In the last year, West Java became the best 3. Our target is to stay in that position, it is better to be the best 2 or being the first," Aher revealed that asking to all of heads of regions to prepare their best LPPD in order to get better result. Moreover, all of heads of regions were expected having strong commitment to improve the working peformance in region's governance in EKPPD 2017.

    It was concerned with the region election in 2018 that would involce 10 regencies, 6 provinces, and West Java province, Aher said that it was the third wave in national. As the signing of together funds, it would be more easier. Formerly the region secretary of West Java who was also the chairman of regional team of LPPD Iwa Karina said that the working meeting aims to give direction and guideness in preparing LPPD 2016, moreover it was to develop the sinergy, coordination and harmony in order to face the election of 2018 in a transparent and accountable way.

    Gunawa MA attanded as the informant of Performance and Evaluation Director and Increasing the Regional Capacity of Home Affairs Ministry. He said that the heads' commitment were importand. According to him, West Java were expectted with the commitment that would be shown by many regents and mayors.

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