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    Indramayu Communications and Informatic Department Provides Media Center for Community


    Diskominfo in Indramayu Provided Media Center for Citizens

    INDRAMAYU - Department of Communication and Informatics (Diskominfo) in Indramayu Regency provided media center services for their citizens who wanted to access the internet for free.

    The Head of Deparment of Communication and Informatics in Indramayu Regency, Zakaria Joko Hartawa explained that the media center was a central information and public communication that had been a place to access information, comunicate, and get social economic services with information and telecommunication technology such as computers with internet access.

    Joko added that the function of media center of Diskominfo was a place of public information distribution, exchanging information, and providing services for information and public communication. The function of distribution of public information was Diskominfo's responssibility to announce center government and region policies.

    "To all Indramayu citizens, you can access the facility of media center for free. It is located in Diskominfo office. We are trying to make the facility as confortable as possible so that the citizens can use it. Because, we tink that this facility hasn't work well yet since there is some limitation," he concluded.

    At this moment, media center in Diskominfo Indramayu has only 6 computers that can be used. The users of media center can be anyone for instance students, employee, citizens with various occupation, and including reporter.

    Meanwhile, one of the user of media center, Satorih explained that he visited that place every day to access and get information from Internet.

    "The information that I can get is really helpful. Besides I can use it for free, the internet connection is really fast so I can get the information more easily," Satorih said.

    Yulia as the other users of media center also thought that in one week she could access media center twice. It happened since she should browse for data and materials for her studies in college.

    "I really enjoy using this facility, since I should pay in Internet cafe. Now, I can go to media center to access internet for free. I wish that this place will be more comfortable," Yulia expected.

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