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    The Budget of Simultaneously Election of 2018 in West Java was More Efficient


    BANDUNG - In 16 regencies and cities in West Java would hold the heads of regions election simultaneously in 2018, with the West Java governor election too. The reginces were Sumedang, Bogor, Purwakarta, Subang, Kuningan, Majelengka, Cirebon, Garut, Ciamis, and West Bandung, and Bandung city, Bogor, Banjar, Bekasi, Cirebon, and Sukabumi.

    The 17 of that regions government had been signing about the election fundings in 2018 by their own heads of regions that was watched by Election Supervisory Board, Supervision Election Comittee, and West Java general electoral comission (KPU) at West Hall of Sate Building Bandung, Tuesday (17/1).

    "They had been signing together fundings that have been discussed on the meeting by each region team including KPU, supervision election comittee, and supervisory board," West Java governor Ahmad Heryawan said.

    With together fundings, the bugget that the government would pay to hold the election was more lightly. West Java government could save IDR 300 billion.

    "The total amount for us reachs some trillions but there is saving because we share with regions and cities, and Province can save about IDR 300 billion," Aher said.

    West Java government in 2017 had installments for election budget for 2018. The rest would be used from next year West Java APBD.

    "Some of them has existed in 2017 because the pre-preparation in 2017 is only half left in the next year," Aher explained.

    In fact, to hold the simultaneously election in 2018, the fee to provide demontration devices would be paid by KPU, which in the previous election it was paid by the candidates.

    The Chairman of Electoral Comission of West Java Yayat Hidayat said the efficient value becuase together fundings on heads of regions election reached IDR 500 billion.

    "So IDR 279 billion efficiency from Province Government and IDR 217 billoin efficiency from regions or cities," Yayat said.

    According to hum, the bugdet significantly decreased was in campaign cost of the participants of heads regions election.

    "The significant one is on campaign cost of the candidates that is paid off by KPU is really high," he said.

    "The second issue is the raise of emoluments from PKK, PPS and KPPS that is paid off by Finance ministry," Yayat added.

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