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    Residents of Cibiru are Selling Dumplings and Batagor in Bima


    BIMA-After giving assistance to people affected by flash floods in the town of Bima, West Nusa Tenggara (NTB) in the Office of the Mayor of Bima, Jl. Soekarno Hatta Bima, on Monday (16.01.17), West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan (Aher) conduct meetings and dialogue with a dozen residents of West Java in Bima.

    There are 250s Bima residents from West Java today. They are there who work as police officers, merchants, even the Vice Regent of Bima today, Dahlan M Noer from Bekasi. In addition, there is also a community organization in the town of Bima in West Java, namely the Society Overtime Kuring West Java with 50 members.

    "There are hundreds of Jabar in Bima. They are polite, friendly, and has a strong religious character, typical of West Java," Dahlan said in the meeting.

    "People really have empathy Jabar outstanding (in flood disaster Bima) and they also participated in pembangunam in Bima," he added.

    With the distinctive character of the community in the Milky Jabar was asked to contribute to the development of the town of Bima in particular, and the West Nusa Tenggara province in general.

    "Hopefully live overseas, diasporic - usually better. If that's the situation we are grateful, because the opportunities outside the region will be more," said Aher in this meeting.

    One of the residents of Bima Originally Jabar that has long lived in the town of Bima, Dede Unang of Cibiru, Bandung. Dede has been 11 years living in the town of Bima or since 2006.

    "I'm almost finished Bima residents, pengennya gituh anyway. But I still love coming home to Bandung because there is still my son there," Dede said after the meeting.

    Dede berpofesi as a merchant in the town of Bima. She sells a variety of unique culinary West Java, such as dumplings and batagor. Dede admitted wares always sold well, because the typical culinary Bandung is favored by the native city of Bima.

    West Java provincial government continues to encourage its citizens to be able to move to another place to look for better life opportunities. One of them in the program "Jabar Wander".

    "We have a program name program 'Jabar Jarambah', jarambah that dare to wander. For the character that was lacking in the community Jabar was 'brackets batokeun'. Therefore, we deliberately to the students and the students have a program 'Jabar Jarambah'," Aher said in the meeting that was also attended by the Mayor of Bima M Quraish Haji Abidin.

    This program is to provide insight to the community that live wherever origin with the conditions and a better future should be done. "Strive for progress Bima, West Nusa Tenggara to progress. Therefore, it should work fine," pleaded Aher.

    "When it is at home here, it's better not to return again to West Java, Geus hareurin kutangtung. Betah wrote here and please later uniqueness Jabar brought here. If it is successful later-for investment in West Java," the message to laughter from citizens Bima Jabar origin in the meeting

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