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    Indramayu Prints Best Boxers in West Java


    INDRAMAYU-Indramayu regency is extraordinary ... !!! that is worth delivered and of course a pride in itself for its citizens. Through hard work and guidance of the Amateur Boxing Association (Pertina) has made one of its athletes Erviana Hasan became the best boxer in West Java.

    Branch Executive Secretary Pertina Indramayu district, Nana MARKET explains, the success of athletes the best athlete Pertina Indramayu in West Java after joining Inter Amateur Boxing Championships and the Junior Student Regent Cup II Youth Cup as West Java and Boxing Gloves Amateur Boxing Championships Gold (STE) to -XXXV national level in Indonesia that have been held on on 10 - January 15 2017 and then held at GOR Art and Sports Cibinong, Bogor regency.

    In the event, the athletes Pertina Indramayu magnitude 6 athletes consist of Rio Ferdinand Rasid (class 36 kg school boy), Muhammad Agis (class 45 kg junior boy), Aditya Putra Makruf (class 48 kg junior boy), M Irvan Iskandar (class 52 kg youth boy), Nurvika Amelia (57 kg class youth girl), Erviana Hasan (54 kg class youth girl), Viska Defri Bambuta (60kg elite women), and Nurul J. Indrayanti (64 kg class elite women).

    Of the eight athletes who scaled the contingent Indramayu won 6 medals and only two people were still pending achievement. Even Erviana Hasan's status as a student at SMK 2 was selected as the best boxer Indramayu in West Java.

    "Its achievements as the best boxer in West Java, then Erviana next March will follow the championship level of Asia represent Indonesia will compete in Thailand, for that we need the support and blessing of the whole society Indramayu in order to achieve the best performance and mengahrumkan good name Indramayu and Indonesia, "said Nana MARKET who is also the Head of Information and Public Communication at Diskominfo Indramayu District.

    Meanwhile coach Pertina Indramayu, Rosidin added, athletes boxing from Indramayu during shows persistence in practicing and also has a very high mental sparring. During the championships, athletes Indramayu get fierce resistance from the hosts that support supporter.

    "God willing, we are committed to it the name of Indramayu and Indonesia through boxing," said Rosidin. DENI SANJAYA / Office of Communications and Information Technology Kab. Indramayu.

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