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    Bima Visits Adela Risqi Student of SMK 1 Bone Cancer Patients


    BOGOR CITY-Mayor of Bogor Bima Arya jenguk Adela Risqi, SMK Negeri 1 Bogor suffering from bone cancer. Adela is currently undergoing treatment in the hospital room Dahlia. PMI Bogor, on Tuesday (01/17/2017).

    The arrival of Bima who was accompanied by Chief Medical Officer and Head of Public Relations Rubaeah Bogor Bogor Setdakot Tyas Ajeng to determine the health development Adela. Adela already undergoing treatment for four days in the hospital. PMI Bogor.

    On that occasion the Milky speak directly to Adela asked directly how about his health condition at this time. Bima was reminded Adela in order to continue to be patient and do not give to pray to Allah in order to be given a cure. Before leaving the room Bima provide assistance to offset the cost of treatment.

    Previously, the condition could Adela enliven social media. Adela alarming condition has sympathy netizens. After knowing these conditions, Bima Arya Adela took the initiative to visit the hospital. (Tria / echa / bella / adit-eto)

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