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    Netty Heryawan Tells about Development in West Java


    DUMAI-In her working visit to Riau province, Chairman of Family Welfare Movement (PKK) West Java Province Netty Heryawan has an opportunity to meet with the Society of Sunda Citizens (PWS) in Comfort Hotel Dumai, Saturday (28/11). Netty accompanied by Mayor’s Expert Staff of Dumai, Endar and Chairman of PWS Dumai, Fatima.

    Netty revealed this silaturahmi (communal togetherness) was a very valuable momentum, especially having an opportunity to meet the people who have been migrated with several success stories and experiences disclosed. Netty also feel the need to proclaim the progress of development in West Java.

    "Development in West Java still ongoing are the development process of Kertajati airport which expected starting operational service in 2017. In addition, there are several process toll lanes as the traffic movement of people and goods, such as Toll Bocimi (Bogor, Ciawi, Sukabumi), Toll Cisundawu (Cileunyi, Sumedang, Dawuan), Toll Lotus (Soreang, Pasirkoja, Toll CITAS (Cileunyi, Tasikmalaya). While Toll Cipali (Cikopo, Palimanan) has been operating since 2015,” said Netty.

    For an art gallery, Netty added, will be built a magnificent art building that can accommodate artists in Bandung around Cikutra and the magnificent Mosque at Gedebage area that can accommodate pilgrims in West Java.

    "Soon we will face PON XIX in 2016 in West Java which is expected to run successfully in the presence of four keys success, such as the successful implementation, successful achievements, successful public economy and successful administration," said Netty.

    Finally, Netty Heryawan delivered a message of West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan for Citizens Society of Sunda in Dumai who has been successful in Dumai do not have to come back to West Java, but keep the good name of West Java which famous by hospitality and mutual cooperation (gotong royong).

    The advisory of PWS in Dumai, Endu took an advantage of this opportunity to invoke the attention of the provincial government for the purposes of PWS, for having the building as a place for gathering to Sundanese citizens to stay in touch. "Also, the lack of adequate tools for the art of entertainment to appreciate the potential of Sunda," he added.

    According Endu, Sundanese citizen in Dumai has reached 750 heads of households, which means there are approximately 1,500 inhabitants Sundanese citizens and has been recognised Dumai government since from 1968.

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