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    Netty is Optimistic that SMAN 2 Tamsel Bekasi is Able to Apply School Literacy Movement


    BEKASI REGENCY-Appearance creativity of students of SMAN 2 South Tambun drew the attention of Mother Literacy West Java Netty Heryawan, during a visit to a school located on Jl. Aries Perum SKU Mekarsari Village, South Tambun, Bekasi, Monday (01/16/2017).

    In addition to dance and music performed, grade class facilities such as Smart Outstanding choice and Gifted class, the more convincing Netty that SMAN 2 Tamsel will be able to implement the Literacy Movement School (GLS).

    "I am very optimistic view of their ability. Intelligence diverse and creativity also illustrate that they are children who are smart and talented", praise Netty.

    "Including this Outstanding Smart class facilities that will encourage our children love reading, Gifted classes will also encourage multi-intelligence possessed our children to grow", he added confident.

    Although there is still support facilities that must be addressed and equipped, Netty hope GLS can meet with school policy, so that our children love to read and intelligent processing the information that they get from reading materials, to then be used as the solution of various problems they face in their everyday space.

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