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    25 Finalist of Astra Star-Up Challenge


    BANDUNG – Resuming Astra Start-Up Challenge (ASC) program was one of the commitment of Astra to support micro business development, tiny, and middle (UMKM), Astra International Inc held Entrepreneur Camps as one of ranges for developing 25 finalist ASC business.  

    It was held in Bandung, 25 finalists had chosen trough previous stage which was selection of registration proposals that open had been opened since July 21 - October 15 2016.

    It was chosen from 1,157 proposals that entered on judges tables,the participants of entrepreneur camp would get trainning from Astra and Young Entrepreneurs Academy for the next three days (January 16-18 2017). With this trainning, the participants that were around 18-35 years old would be lectured with interesting things about start-up that were expected to give motivation and also inovation for them to have their own business creatively until they were success.

    This Entrepreneur Camp (E Camp) would be selecting 25 participants to be the next ASC finalist that would get mentoring and training program for 6 months, and funds or loans for their business budget. This 25 finalist came from 19 cities around Indonesia after competitive selection.

    Through CSR activity pillar UMKM with Astra for Creative Indonesia, Astra made commitment to grow productive business in society with encouraging creating work fields and citizens' independency," The Head of Public Relations Division of Astra International Inc Yulian Warman said, in Bandung, Monday (16/1).

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