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    Geological Map is Important to Exploration Planning for Natural Resources


    BANDUNG-mining company requires geological maps of the Geological Agency to expand its exploration plans. One of them is the state-owned enterprises, PT Antam.

    President Director of PT. Tedy Badrujaman Antam said it would take advantage of the latest geological maps owned Geological Agency to look for new locations that will dieksplorasinya. He admitted that his side did not have the human resources and associated laboratory representative survey of the mine site.

    Furthermore, after the regions determined by the results of the survey together with the Geological Agency, it will go to begin work. He explained that the company will exploit if the gold content in the site of at least 10 tons.

    "Bigger is better. So if 10 tons, can be used for 10 years," he said.

    However, he did not want to mention how many numbers the survey plan related investment. He just puts the investment is less than ever given the current gold price is going down.

    "The cost is adjusted to its advantage. Now we subtract. If it had allocated 5% of the profits," he said, calling the company will focus on nickel mining.

    Furthermore, he said, now that he has been mining gold in three locations namely Pongkor in Bogor, Cibaliung in Banten, and Halmahera. However, exploitation in Pongkor coming to an end in 2021.

    In West Java, he added that the actual gold potential in Pongkor still enough for the next few years. However, given the rules of the national park, it was forced to stop her. jo

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