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    Pindad Displayed Anoa Amphibious


    BANDUNG – President Joko Widodo, Commander of TNI General Gator Nurmayanto with the Head of Staffs TNI Land, the Head of Staffs TNI Air, and the Head of Staffs TNI Maritime tested the reliability and comfort of VVIP passengers from Anoa Amphibious in lake at the Main Headquarter of TNI, Monday (16/1/2017).

    The Main Director of Pindad, Abraham Mose delivered his appreciation towards VVIP delegations that became the passengers of that Anoa Amphibious.

    “Mr. President and Commander of TNI with all of the Head of Staffs have proved that the product that is made by our local generation is reliable. It is driven by a soldier of Women Korps AD. It shows that Pinad’s product is user friendly that can be use by any driver of TNI,” he explained in Pinad press conference.

    Abraham added Panser Amphibious was a product based on research and development of our local generation that was made with our geographical conditions, also Indonesia’s contour that most of its area is water territorial such as a river and a lake.

    To support the performance of TNI personnel in patrolling at all of fields and weathers, he explained that vehicles were needed to give easy access of mobilization. Panser Amphibious is design to across NKRI territory especially in remote areas that had heavier fields that did not support with good infrastructure yet such as roads and bridges. Therefore any vehicles should across a river and a lake first to arrive at their destination.

    Abraham added that Panser Amphibious Pinad was ready to do the certification process. With the capacity of 80 productions per year, this facility of Pindad production has been ready to produce new variants of Panser Anoa.

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