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    Adipura Became an Event to Improve Citizen’s Concern Towards Their Environment


    BOGOR CITY – Adipura assessment becomes one of Bogor Urban District target besides its ambition to win it. However, it focused more on citizen’s hygiene and culture that they should more concern with their environment and city.

    The Vice of Bogor Urban District Mayor or Bima Arya emphasized that in front of citizens while having dialogues during his visitation at Gunung Batu, Bogor Barat sub-district, Monday (16/1/2017).

    “Since Adipura assessment has two main important things inside which are green restoration and garbage. So it focused on hygiene since it should be fixed up and improved,” he emphasized.

    In BIma’s opinion, the management of garbage should keep fixed up. That is why he imitated the program that has been done by the Vice of Surabaya Mayor or Tri Rismaharini that the management of garbage should be done from the bottom (citizens).

     “Moreover when it happened in the last year or in 2016, the Urban District of Bogor Government had had an Adipura certificate.  It should be followed by improvement and the management of garbage that was more intense. But it does not mean we only have an ambition to get Adipura trophy, but it also happens to remind the citizens to keep their environment clean,” he concluded.

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