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    Bogor Mayor’s Visitation was Greeted with Festive


    BOGOR CITY– The visitation that has been done by the Mayor of Bogor Urban District or Bima Arya and the Head of TP PKK Bogor Urban District or Yane Ardian at Gunung Batu, West Bogor sub-district on Monday (16/1/2017) was greeted with festive. All of students of SDN Purbasari, the Headman of Gunung Batu or Taufik with his apparatus and the women of PKK Gunung Batu greeted the group at that morning with festive.

    With using Sunda tradition that was performed by Ki Lengser, the atmosphere of receptime became livier. “This is my first time of visitation that is greeted with festive by Ki Lengser,” Bima Arya said in front of the audiences that came at the hall of Gunung Batu village.

    Bima’s visitation was accompanied by the Head of Bogor Sub-district or Pupung W Purnama, the Assistant of Bogor Urban District or Hanafi, and Head of Administration of Bogor Urban District or Taufik SH.

    In that visitation, Bima did interactive dialogues with people that came to the hall of sub-district. Several of them gave suggestion for Gunung Batu Sub-district’s development in the future. The suggestion that had given was responded exactly at that time by Bima.

    Moreover, Yane Ardian as the Head of Bogor Urban District’s PKK also conveyed her mission that she wanted to strengthen PKK as the partner of government to all of women of Gunung Batu PKK.

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