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    Vice Governor Examined the Condition of Patimban Subang


    SUBANG – The construction and development of International Harbour in Patimban Subang Regency needs changes especially for its spatial design around the area since it would become a Port City. It happens since there are some possibilities that there will be a new industrial area around.

    Deddy Mizwar as the Vice of West Java Governor, Thursday (12/01/2017), had examined the “existing” condition in Patimban.

    After examined the location, the Vice of Governor or Deddy Mizwar revealed that Patimban had two facilities which are Trestel for 570 m, and Causeway with 357.5 m. If it is counted, then the total is approximately 800 m.

    “Now, there are Trestel and Causeway that are overhanging above the sea for 800 m as their length. There will be additional length about 300 m, so there will be 1,1 km before big ships can be anchored in the harbour,” Deddy Mizwar said.

    More specifically, there are some infrastructures to support the harbour that will be developed soon such as roads or highway (if it is needed), railroad, the electricity whether PLTG or PLTU, fresh water supply, IPAL or the Installation for Processing Liquid Waste, and Reception Facilities.

    Another support facility that will be built is a school or academy to prepare local human resources that will support citizens’ skill so they can participate in developing Patimban to be more advance.

    “In its planning there will be roadways for cars and trains. Let’s say, hopefully this construction can be done in 2019, and in 2020 it can be operated,” Deddy said.

    “Imagine the effects that will affect the development of West Java’s economy in the future. The citizens of Patamban Subang and around will also be affected and also participating to develop its economy development,” he continued.

    Deddy also said that it needed approximately IDR 500 billion for land acquisition. Since there are 356 hectare lands and 300 hectare in shoreline as the total is 656 hectare that are need land acquisition.

    On the other hand, Deddy also expected citizens and all of apparatus would help to guide this program to be better than before. “Hopefully, there are not any misunderstandings or conflicts happen,” he added.

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