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    Netty: The Exemplerary Life or Rasulullah SAW Should be Appliend in Our Daily Life


    BANDUNG – Nowadays living in era globalization is not easy as it is seen. In Indonesia, the number of populations around 250 million people is not proportional with the number of people who are using gadget that reaches 281 million. It is made the way of thinking some of citizens become pragmatist and hedonism.

    As being delivered by The Chief of Activator PKK West Java Provincial when gave Tausyiah at Tabligh Akbar Event of DKM Atta’awun Mosque with “The Wisdom of Prophet Day (Maulid Nabi) 1438 H” as theme in Puncak Cisarua Bogor Regency, Thursday (11/1/17). “Because many citizens consider spectacle as their guidance while in fact guidance should be applied more in daily life,” he continued.

    Thus, parents should hold on with Al-Quran to guide their children with affection, supervision, and prays. However, Netty said that in reality a mother was busy doing her activity for instance gossiping and watching soap opera. Meanwhile, her child was busy using gadget without any supervision and education. For that reason, our young generation was in great danger.

    Netty revealed the advancement of technology was not always good for children. To illustrate, a while ago there were 90 up to 150 boys or more that were stuck on an online prostitution that was located in Bogor. Even, there was a case that P2TP2A of West Java Province that had been handled in the last year that 5 girls of 15-18 years old were put in there as the result of the act of controlling by Provincial Police Commands of West Java. They looked for the addresses and the locations via gadget to sign themselves to pimps.

    On the other hands, Netty assessed that the phenomenon of contract marriages that were so popular at Puncak Bogor was troubling and worrying. This contract marriages offer a good illusion that marriage would make you get many benefits. It usually happens about 2 weeks until one month.

    “When citizens think why they should suffer for working hard if there is another easy way to get more money. That is the pragmatism that spread in the society,” Netty revealed.

    In this occasion, Netty as the Head of P2TP2A West Java Province reminded citizens that those acts were illegal and break the law and religion norms. Then, the social effect that should be faced from contract marriages was sexual transmitted disease such as HIV and AIDS in women. There must be comprehensive management from many parties such as strengthen, institutional, and educational in the society.

    Netty expected that in this celebration of prophet day (Maulid Nabi) of West Java citizens could realize that Rasulllah SAW as their guidance. Therefore, the good virtue of Rasulullah SAW should be applied in daily life for instance in home, caring, and social interaction in a society. As parents in a home, they should give the good example for their children since they will imitate what their parents in order to develop their characters.

    Netty also encouraged that everything started from families. When parents were in harmony, they could build two ways of communication with their children. It was also supported  by prays therefore families could produce the next generation with good attitude and behavior.

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