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    Foster Children BPSAA Pagaden were Motivated by Deddy


    Subang – Deddy Mizwar as the Vice of West Java Governor had visited Social Protection of Foster Children Center (BPSAA) in Pagaden Subang, Thursday (12/01).

    While in BPSAA, Foster children were motivated by Deddy Mizwar as the Vice of West Java Governor to have spirit on studying, self-confident with their own potential and talent that they had, also bravely dreaming about their future.

    “They should study hard. In fact if it is needed, they should learn until they can graduate from a university and become doctors,” said Deddy Mizwar as the Vice of West Java Governor.

    Moreover, Deddy also said that according to UUD 1945 chapter 34 subsection 4 which is stated that destitute people and waifs are taken care by the state. Thus, waifs also has the rights to live, develop, and what is more they also have same opportunities to participate in live just like other children and citizens.

    On the other hands, BPSAA becomes the institution which changes the function of protecting and counseling parents, so that it has function to nurturing, nourishing, educating, and protecting, also developing children until they become optimal based on their abilities, talents, and interest.

    The foster children that live in this center are toddler from 0-5 years old that have bad condition since they are not nourished or left by their parents, and orphans that are neglected with their age bellows 18 years old.

    Some of foster children that has been guided in BPSAA become successful to continue their studies at some universities in Indonesia by using scholarship programs.

    "Insya Allah from BPSAA, this year they will get schoolarships. They should not be worry," said Deddy.

    Deddy also said that taking care of this foster children had a virtue. "If we and goverment institution always do this, all of us will get a virtue," he said.

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