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    West Java Secretary Signs the Joint Anti-Corruption Commitments


    BANDUNG-In order to foster a culture of good administration and anti-corruption, be required systematic education process for the whole society, which is implemented consistently and continuously. To that end, the Ombudsman of the Republic of Indonesia (ORI) held a Cultural Week Anti Maladministration and Anti-Corruption, at Ibis Style Hotel, Bandung, Saturday (28/11).

    As a form of appreciation for these activities, the Provincial Secretary of West Java Iwa Karniwa, co-signed a joint commitment anti maladministration and anti-corruption public service, along with the Members of Ombudsman M. Chairul Anwar, Chief Ombudsman Representative of West Java Haneda Sri Lastoto, Chief Inspectorate of Bandung Koswara, Vice Regent of Purwakarta Dadan Koswara, Vice Regent of Subang Imas Aryumningsih, and the head of company and state/regent institutions.

    Maladministration is behaviour or act against the law, beyond the authority, use authority for any other purpose, including negligence or neglect of legal obligations in the implementation of public service, which is carried out by state officials and governments that cause material damage or immaterial for communities and individuals.

    In his speech, Iwa said that the culture of anti-corruption and anti-maladministration should not only be understood by government official as an element of public service providers, but must also be understood by the entire community,

    "The role of public is not only as the recipients of public services, also should boldly reject things will somehow lead to maladministration and corruption," said Iwa.

    In addition of dissemination to the public, the event was also held as a means to consolidate and realise the role of ORI as a state institution who have several task of supervision, receive complaints and encourage improvement of the quality of public services, so the presence of ORI can be felt the usefulness in wide community.

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