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    E-Voucher Program For Underprivileged Communities


    BANDUNG-To provide convenience to the poor people who are eligible to receive assistance for the poor rice or Raskin, Bandung City Government some time ago runs the E-Voucher program.

    Vice Mayor of Bandung, Oded M Daniel remind to the concerned authorities in this case the Bandung Department of Social and a whole range of regional authorities to carefully related to E-Voucher program.

    "We abolished poor rice and replaced with an e-voucher program, ie non-cash food aid previously initiated by the central government," he said.

    According to Oded, it must be considered by the Department of Social and territorial authorities that if there is a delay in the implementation of the e-voucher.

    "The territorial authorities should be able to explain in detail to the public assistance program recipients in case of a delay, not to place the noise," he said. (Parno)

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