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    Popy: Policy Stakeholder Must Be Pro Active


    BANDUNG-holders in a government policy in this regard regents and mayors have to be pro-active and make changes if the region wants a tourist destination, both from domestic and foreign tourists.

    Popy Rufaida, as Chairman of the Padjajaran University Management Program stated if the regents and mayors are not literated in technology and information, it will be difficult to increase the popularity of the region to the outside world.

    "Cities / Regencies in West Java, if all stakeholders do not see the changes that occur are abandoned. If we just wait for tourists to find information that is not wise, but we must be pro-active, "he said.

    According to Popy, if a regent or mayor often make postings on the internet such as through social media about the region, it will be quickly recognized by the outside world.

    "Whoever cities and regenies that can provide information very quickly on the Internet, it will direct its popularity will be higher than the city / regency that is not able to provide information," he said. (Parno)

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