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    RZ Form Residents Cooperative in Subang


    BANDUNG-To build a culture of saving for each herd, Nana Hidayat, Volunteer Inspiration of RZ (Rumah Zakat) Subang formed a cooperative in Kampung Cilimus, Cisaat Village, subdistrict of Ciater, Subang regency. Cooperative program is intended for all members of the herd in the village.

    "If the residents have own savings, when there are people who have a sudden and urgent necessity could have more easily. Earlier if there are circumstances that require funds suddenly, my own confused what to do. But after the cooperative and savings programs, people here do not wonder anymore if there is a sudden need of funds, "said Nana.

    Cooperative members who borrow money, will be able to pay by installments or with lamb whose value is almost equal to the amount borrowed. Within three years, the Cooperative Group of Laksana Jaya continues to add members. Now there are 30 residents of Kampung Cilimus who are members of the cooperative.

    Each member has a savings account with the amount of variety. The savings, collected once a month by Nana. Each member is given a piggy bank of wood. That way, each member can save at any time at his home.

    "Through this cooperation, I also want to start Munggah Ceria Program. Namely, the savings that can only be taken when Ramadan arrived. Munggah Ceria program will be run this year. So, money saving of residents can later be used for the preparation for the month of Ramadan, "added Nana. jo

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