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    Bio Farma Helps Residents To Build Bridges


    BANDUNG-In a press release, PT Bio Farma through Partnership program to help the villagers of Cikopomayak Jasinga subdistrict, Bogor Regency to renovate the pedestrian bridge commonly used by local communities for everyday activities.

    The bridge is inaugurated on January 12, 2017 by the expert staff of Head of Social Affairs, Economic and Development Ridwan Syamsuddin and Director of Bio Farma, Iskandar, has a length of 12.5 meters and a width of 4.5 meters will connect three villages namely Cibiuk, Pondok Kelapa and Kerawang.

    According to Ridwan, his side welcomed  Cibiuk bridge renovation through Bio Farma CSR program, since the establishment of this bridge, to facilitate the distribution of goods and services from the village of Cikopomayak to other areas in the surroundings.

    "This bridge can be used by the residents here, to carry out activities such as trade, agriculture, schools, and of course can increase community empowerment independently" said Ridwan.

    Meanwhile Iskandar explained that the election of Cikopomayak village is due to the potential of outstanding natural resources that can be utilized for economic activities of Jasinga subdistrict citizens, so that in the future, the community can become self-sufficient both economically and socially, but it is in line with the CSR of PT Bio Farma,

    "With its expertise in the field of biotechnology that we have, we are ready to help residents of Jasinga to optimize the results of existing natural resources, such as creating simple steril room to store jack inventory avoiding contamination by bacteria or pests," said Iskandar. Jo

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