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    West Java Forms Special Team Handling Citarum and Cimanuk Upstream


    BANDUNG-To rehabilitate upstream area and watershed of Citarum in Bandung Regency and Cimanuk river upstream in Garut that are damaged and causing a flood disaster, the central government has prepared a budget of Rp 257 billion.

    For that the West Java provincial government has formed a team of Forest and Land Rehabilitation (RHL) chaired by West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan.

    After the formation of RHL team which took place in the boardroom Malabar Gedung Sate Bandung, Wednesday (11/01), Governor Ahmad Heryawan (Aher) reveals, this team has made the stages and management program that will be done until the end of December 2017.

    "The stages of the work that we will do starting from March to December 2017, who does, how much it costs, it is well defined," he said.

    Furthermore, said Aher, the committee's draft will be submitted to the Vice President and Ministry of Finance for approval. Initially the budget for the rehabilitation of the two largest rivers upstream in West Java is Rp 320 billion. However Rp 63 billion is given to the Government of West Nusa Tenggara Province to handle Sari river upstream that is damaged and causing flash flooding in the town of Bima.

    "It costs Rp 257 billion, Rp 320 billion initially but because in Bima NTB also occurred the same disaster then partly given to NTB," said Aher.

    The Occurring damage in the Citarum and Cimanuk river upstream, according Aher, partly because of weak supervision. He also suggested to strengthen the ranks of Ranger.

    "If need to be armed like Water Police, because it contributes to the preservation of forests," he said.

    To that end, this team of Police and the military were involved. Patrons in RHL team are Minister of Environment and Forestry and Chaired by the Governor of West Java.

    "Vice Commander III Siliwangi, West Java Police Chief and West Java High Court, Daily Chairman of West Java Head of Forest, including regents and mayors concerned became a member of this team," said Aher.

    At the same place, DG Watershed Control and Forest Protection of LHK Ministry, Hilman Nugroho requested that the team is working with the compact and in accordance with the program and the time that has been agreed.

    "We ask today because funds had already been set up from the center of course with only one condition that is compact in work and finish on target," he hoped.

    Hilman explained, for the handling of the Citarum and Cimanuk river upstream, forests rehabilitation and land is divided in two areas, namely forest area and outside the forest area. In forest areas will be done reforestation with seedlings sowing method by helicopter because the region is difficult to reach.

    "We will also do a conventional manner with the involvement of local residents," he said.

    "For out of the forest area of 3000 hectares that is an area of agroforestry, we will make soil and water conservation," said Hilman.

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