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    Improve Services in Handling Violence Cases


    BANDUNG-Crime happens not because we lack a good person, but the crime occurred because many good people do nothing. It is not possible that the government can solve the problems of human society only themselves. The need for coordination with related stakeholders (stakeholders).

    Chairman of the Integrated Services Center for Women and Children (P2TP2A) of West Java Netty Heryawan said on hearings with the Sub Directorate of PPA West Java Police, at Gedung Sate Bandung, Tuesday (10/01/2017).

    In order to provide optimal and complete service for victims of violence, Netty directs the West Java Police to strengthen coordination with the health department, education department, social services, manpower and transmigration, department of women's empowerment child protection and family planning, and related other parties. As for the supporting infrastructure complement of services, Netty called for the coordination of the results will be obtained details of needs to be met on a regular basis.

    "The need of the most basic is the coordination, needs to be made on a regular basis. Then try to identify the needs, both for the victims, families of victims, perpetrators, to the handling of the law," said Netty.

    Earlier in the hearing, Chief of the Domestic Violence Unit of the West Java Police Erlin Nurlaena revealed, as a Police commitment to improve services in handling cases of violence, the current regional police has set up a special space for PPA fast reaction directly. Although still rudimentary, Erlin considers the important of this space for comfort of victims, especially child victims.

    "Children are victims of violence should not be taken to the police station, especially children under the age of 10 years," said Erlin.

    "There must be space to make children comfortable is equipped with facilities such as a play, or we are coming to the child," she continued.

    Erlin who came with Chief of Unit Crime of Trafficking in Persons (TPPO) Euis Yuningsih and Chief Unit Nurul Huda expects the addition of infrastructure in the form of a special car for picking up victims, given in the police there is no official car to handle the cases directly. Responding to that, Head of Child Protection of Women's Empowerment and Family Planning Dewi Sartika said the request would be coordinated with the Ministry of Women's Empowerment and Child Protection (PP-PA) RI.

    "Molin or car protection program was actually one of the PP-PA ministries that while his decree still to P2TP2A. But because PP-PA ministry budget does not cut, (molin) for Police to be coordinated," said Dewi.

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