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    1,300 People in SDN Andir Stating a Pledge in Perca Integrity


    BANDUNG-A number of students, teachers, and citizens in SDN Andir Kidul, Bandung engage with 1,300 pieces of patchwork as a commitment of anti-corruption, which entered into a series of Prungi Anticorruption Festival 2015 activities.

    The goal is instilling the anti-corruption value earlier in order to realise the golden generation of Indonesia in the future.

    "Today we will sign a patchwork together as a form of our commitment on anti-corruption community to make Indonesia better," said Ceuceu Etit Gartiah of the Consortium of Anti-Corruption Community Festival 2015.

    It also expressed by principal of SDN Andir Kidul, Ahmad Taufan. According to him, this movement will build the leader generation with integrity and anti-corruption in the future.

    "This movement is our dream to build a golden generation for the next 30 years. This movement to establish the value of integrity. I'm sure the next leader generation will be born clean and have a anti-corruption value,” he said.

    In addition to affix a stamp and signature, students, teachers, and community also writing down their expectations and thoughts to Indonesia in the future. They also invited learning the 10 + 1 values of integrity consisting of an honest, caring, independent, self-discipline, working eras, simple, responsibility, brave, fair and patient.

    There are around 10 thousand patchwork compiled by the Women's Media Room (Rumpun) Indonesia since starting her campaign in January 2015. It contains a pledge to keep themselves and family to eradicate corruption, as well as the enforcement of mental honesty.


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