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    Do Not Distinguish Madrasah Teachers and Public School Teachers


    BANDUNG-The fate of madrasah in this country is still alarming. Not only about the physical facilities of the school, and even benefits for educators at the school was not the same when compared to public schools.

    It was submitted Ledia Hanifa Amaliah, S.Si, M.Psi.T, members of the House of Representatives Commission VIII overseeing religion, Social, Women's Empowerment and Child Protection as release received by jabarprov.go.id on Wednesday (11/1).

    "Millions of elementary, junior and high school school students in Indonesia are not all be accommodated in the public schools, both public and private. Most of the nation's students accommodated at the school, then we must remember that the madrassa was a part of driving Indonesian education system, so they should not be discriminated their rights in terms of receiving allowances "he said.

    Related to that Ledia elaborates, madrassa teacher was entitled to regional performance allowance (TKD) as received by teachers in public schools.

    "If the area can be budgeted allowance for educators in public schools, the same thing deserves to madrassa teachers. They were fighting for children education of the nation, giving devotion to accompany the next generation in the high school years. Do not leave any gaps among fellow educators that have an impact on their welfare gap, "said FPKS MPs this addition.

    Specifically Ledia highlights Jakarta could give TKD big enough for public school teachers, between 3 to 5 million rupiah, which reportedly will be improved further in the coming years.

    "DKI had a big budget, the biggest even in Indonesia, but the fate of the madrasa teacher is still a concern because of untouched TKD budget" he said.

    Ledia reminded that the National Education Law No. 20 of 2003 leveled the general education level, religion, public and private. "Never again there are inequities in terms of providing welfare for teachers" she concluded.

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