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    Exploration of Natural Resources To Boost Development


    BANDUNG-On paradigm of exploration for conservative, exploration of natural resources (SDA) is more emphasized on optimizing resources to improve profitability for the sake of sustainable development pillared on growth (pro-growth), reduce poverty (pro-poor), provide employment ( pro-job), and pay attention to environmental balance (pro-environment).

    It was delivered by Prof. Ir. Mega Fatimah Rosana, M.Sc, Ph.D when reading scientific oration entitled "Exploration of Geological Resources: Exploitation and Conservation for Sustainable Development" at Padjadjaran University in Bandung, Tuesday (10/1).

    "Thus, these resources are also seen its function as a valuable natural heritage, so it needs to be protected," said Prof. Mega.

    Prof. Mega also revealed that one natural resource conservation efforts that are currently being started intensified in various parts of the world is through the establishment of regional "Garden Earth" or Geopark recognized by the United Nations through the International Geoscience and Geoparks Programme (IGP) under UNESCO.

    Geopark is a geological model of diversity management, biodiversity, and culture in a holistic manner for the sake of conservation, education and sustainable economic growth to include people who are living in the region.

    According to Prof. Mega, the role of an exploration geologist in setting the geopark region becomes important, where the results of the exploration of natural resources must be identified, characterization, clarification, and evaluation, as well as set the order (ranking) of geological resources for the benefit of the utilization, conservation and protection.

    "Ciletuh Palabuhan Ratu Geopark is an example of area management that have the potential diversity of geological very prominent and biodiversity that is on it, as well as the cultural diversity of the people living in the region," said Prof. Mega.

    Region Ciletuh Palabuhan Ratu that used to only be known by the candidates and geologists, gradually has turned into neighborhood-based Geotourism conservation, education, and continuing education, which involves the regulation of central and local government, infrastructure development and community empowerment. Jo

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