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    Inflation in Rural is Higher


    BANDUNG-In the Rural area of West Java, Household Consumption in December 2016 is an inflation of 0.51%. This figure is higher than the general inflation rate in West Java which reached 0.36%.

    Head of West Java Central Statistice Agency Bachdi Ruswana said the inflation rate in the calendar "year to date" (January-December, 2016) amounted to 2.75% and the inflation rate from year to year "year on year" (December 2016 to December 2015) amounted to 2.75 %.

    In rural areas, from seven expenditure groups simultaneously experiencing inflation, the highest in the group is Foodstuffs which was 0.78%, followed by Group of Food, Beverages, Cigarettes & Tobacco 0.45% inflation.

    Then inflation 0.36% of Health Group, the Group of Education, Recreation and Sports and the Housing Group experienced similar inflation of 0.24%, Group Transport & Communications inflation of 0.14%, and 0.09% inflation Clothing Group. jo

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