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    Building A Success Through Cooperation


    BANDUNG-After inaugurating and confirming Esselon III and IV Officials in the scope of West Java province on Monday, West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan gives a briefing to regional organization official (OPD) of West Java province in Pakuan Building, Otto Iskandardinata Street No. 1, Bandung, on Tuesday morning (10.01.17).

    In his briefing, the Governor stressed that success can only be built through cooperation between systems that exist. According to him, this can be done by improving through software and hardware skills of the employees.

    "Our works will be successful not only because of our professionalism, where we have the skills that are reliable. But at the same time our work will be successful when we have an ability to work together. This is how we consolidate the power we have, diverse and scattered in the respective individuals . But if then we are together in unity, then the force will blend together well, so that goodness will be stronger and stronger, "the governor said.

    To that end, software skills (ability to work together or togetherness) should be built. Governor continued, this time there is a phenomenon that is on the professionalism of someone (hardware skills) are not always directly proportional to the ability of the individual  software skills. "There is even a tendency, more intelligent, more professional person, lower ability of the his soft skill. This is dangerous. Therefore, we must continue to develop cooperation well so that the development of our hard skills or hardware and soft skills should be a balance, "said the Governor.

    In addition, the Governor also stressed to Esselon  officials newly inducted, in order to maximize performance without being limited to the existing budget. To that end, a program that is not only implemented, but also should be a massive movement or social movements in society. "Let's present performance that is not limited by the budget we receive. Usually we have a worldview, our charitable pious is enough with honesty, by organizing public services plus spending budget as intended and without deviation, period. That's large charitable pious, "said the Governor.

    "But let us present a more pious charity positive impact on the society at large, even more broadly, the widest in accordance with our capabilities, with the involvement of various parties into a social movement. That pious deeds even greater," he continued.

    Governor pointed out about the discovery of the Great Grand Parent Stock (GGPS) or ancestors of Chicken Sentul by BP3Iptek and Department of Animal Husbandry of West Java, as well as farms experts from Padjadjaran University. Chicken ancestors which we eat is coming from Germany, because Indonesia does not have chicken ancestors and West Java pioneer in presenting Chicken ancestors in the country. Governor also requested the presence of these findings not only as a finding. "Try to disseminate the existing budget, multiply the Ancestors of chicken was in the form of Parent Stock (PS). Share with the community in order to proliferate everywhere a superior chicken, into a movement that can promote the welfare of society," he said.

    Another example of coffee. As it is known that coffee from West Java, Java Preanger has been featured and the best coffee in the world in coffee competitions in Atlanta, United States. To develop and disseminate this coffee, Aher said related parties should encourage - not only to the nursery, but also become an important movement in the community that could have an impact on improving the welfare.

    On this occasion, to support the work program in the area of West Java province, the Governor also appreciated the efforts of the WTO that already have performance-based online system. As e-Samsat, SAKIP, and other programs. In the future, all IT-based performance system should be integrated entirely, so the West Java Government could have complete IT system in Indonesia.

    At the end of his speech, the governor also said that officials in the position to quickly adapt, move quickly, as well as working properly and optimally. Although there are some less appropriate officials placed at its current position.

    "But it became quickly learning, we can quickly adapt to new circumstances. Affairs associated with less precise pick, but God willing, when our intentions are sincere, there are no other elements, inaccuracies God willing, will be better," said the Governor.

    "And the most important thing is no pay among us, that is most important thing. There is not a little in affairs of payment, if anyone feels closer to the leaders, payment, please reported. because later on the night we process, immediately fired the same day. Our price is not the price of office, our price is the price performance and sincerity on the performance, "he said .

    After event, in partnership with West Java province BNN, the governor with hundreds of Esselon II, III, and IV  officials of West Java province do a urine test. Governor was gets first urine test. this test is done so that the staff of the West Java provincial government clean of illicit substances Drugs.

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