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    Patimban Waits National Spatial Revised


    BANDUNG-Secretary of West Java Iwa Karniwa ensures there has been no determination in filing location (Penlok) of Patimban port, Subang from the center to the provincial government.

    Iwa Karniwa said filling location submission process should follow the stages in which the Centre should complete the first revision of the National Spatial Plan, which until now has not been completed. While the provincial government itself has completed the West Java spatial plan Bylaw revisions that incorporate Patimban replace Cilamaya, Karawang.

    "We're just finishing it, if an existing national spacial plan, just filling location recommendation process," he said in Bandung on Tuesday (10/1).

    He said the provincial government would strongly support the development of Patimban. Therefore, if the filling location recommendations put forward by the Central then it promises will not be progressed through a long and time-consuming. "If the recommendation is already in us, it will not take a long time," he said.

    Iwa himself makes sure the Japanese government will finance Patimban. With this assurance, the Government of West Java and Subang Regency are committed to support the accelerated development.
    "We must learn from Cilamaya, it is very long process. Patimban, should be on schedule," he said.

    According to the current amount of land at the site is to be released by the Subang regency. One of them, the road access to the port. The process of liberation will be hand in hand after the document is complete. West Java provincial government itself will push things appropriate provincial authority. (Even)

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