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    The Entry of High School / Vocational School to Province, Become Opportunities and Challenges


    BANDUNG-West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan in front of thousands of teachers and school principals of High School / Vocational School in West Java asserted, that with the entry of High School / Vocational School to West Java with 28 thousand teachers and 21 thousand temporary teacher had two feelings in him.

    It thus stated by Ahmad Heryawan, in Building Pusdai Bandung, (10/01) when Principal of High School / Vocational School in West Java Coordination Meeting.

    Governor further, that the two feelings are first is "opportunities" and the second, is "the burden and challenges".

    Told opportunity, it means "we" can participate in the technical education to deliver quality educational efforts. Then it was said as a burden and a challenge, that we have to have a big dream for a vision of the future, look at new civilization where the odds should be dominant in comparison to the challenge. "Thus, the burden and challenges with an additional 28 thousand teachers and 21 thousand teachers' honorarium plus 1,8 million students have to be used as an opportunity to present a vision and a new civilization, the Governor further.

    Governor was advised especially in terms of new admissions where is there education endowment policy, so it is therefore considering the condition of the parents. "Two things to note", which is "first to contribute and the second not to contribute." Both of these conditions should be addressed properly. "The donated funds for education consider as part of infaq, and those who are not accounted it was not a problem", said the Governor.

    Then about children who do not have enough cost to attend school, Governor Ahmad Heryawan advised that it was not to make the child drop out ", but the lead until he could complete his education properly.

    Head of Education Department of West Java Ahmad Hadadi explained that there are 475 high schools and 273 vocational school, with 27.277 thousand teachers, civil servants and 21 thousand temporary teacher whose management per January 1, 2017 by the Government of West Java Province. As for the assets transferred from the regency / city is 9,914,542 units with a value of Rp 5,169,327,579,241. "The number of students who are in management transfer ie, as many as 1.8 million students.

    Besides, as the relationship between the teachers and the Governor, in this coordination meetings, teachers will receive an explanation in personnel and financial aspects as well as the prosedures, said Ahmad Hadadi.

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