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    Vice Governor Close the FFJB at Merdeka Building


    BANDUNG-Vice Governor of West Java Deddy Mizwar officially closed the event of West Java Film Festival (FFJB) 2015. The closure which took place at the Merdeka Building, Asia Afrika street, Bandung on Saturday night November, 27th 2015.

    According to Vice Governor, the FFJB event was not just a short-film competition, but also become as the education for young filmmakers in the region.

    "It's not just a competition for short film category, but it is much more important as educational forum for young filmmakers across West Java," said Vice Governor in FFJB closing speech.

    In this event was held several film workshop given to the participants, so that they can maximise it as education for upgrade their knowledge of film.

    "There's a movie workshop on the sidelines of film screening. We hope it will provide new insight and knowledge to the film community in West Java. They are talented filmmakers, so it should continue to be added by knowledge in order to produce great film,” he said.

    FFJB 2015 was attended by more than 250 participants from across West Java, and selected 20 short films. The best films in FFJB 2015 was reached by the film titled ‘Lembar Jawaban Kita' by director Ali Sofiana Widiar, produced by Trafict Light Picture Bandung.


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