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    Avalanche Victim Assistance in Kuningan


    KUNINGAN-RZ (Rumah Zakat) distributed aids of 400 SuperQurban corned, food, and hygiene kits to help victims of the landslide in Cimeong village, Cilayung village, subdistrict of Ciwaru, Kuningan regency, West Java. This is the second distribution, having previously distributed 100 beef corned during the implementation of the assessment conducted by volunteers RZ.

    "Thank God we've been doing the aid distribution. Currently we are still focused on to help the general kitchen and the main purposes of the citizens. This is because there are still many people living in refugee camps, "said Desi, RZ Volunteer Cirebon, Friday (6/1).

    Residents are advised to stay in refugee camps because it is estimated to cause aftershocks landslides. According to Desi, RZ will take action and channeling aid up to a week ahead.

    "This afternoon we carry out a healthy alert action for residents. Since many residents who require health checks to avoid serious disease. In addition, many residents in the evacuation that also need medicines, "added Desi.

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