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    Sport and Youth Minister: In addition to Bonus, There is Also Career for Football Player


    BANDUNG-Sport and Youth Minister Imam Nahrawi expressed a tribute to football in Indonesia is not limited to bonuses, but rather the future of the former national team player also considered.

    "Not only bonus shared directly that afternoon, but they will be considered their future. Anyone want to be military, police, civil servants working in the state and others is a model of a new award given by the government," he said on the PSSI congress in Aryaduta Hotel Bandung, Sunday (8/1).

    Imam explains President Jokowi also prioritizes football Indonesia as the concentration of national sports development in addition to other sports.

    "It means President Jokowi really makes this football as a national concentration in the context of sports in addition to other sports, therefore have a great congress," he said.

    Some big plans related to football in our homeland, continued Imam of which include the selection of national team coach and team that is technically in age of 23 will be delivered by the PSSI chairman Eddy Rahmayadi.

    "Looking ahead the great plan of PSSI is like national team coach election and the age of 23 have been delivered to us. It was later I was invited to the rest of the chairman that revealed officially," he said. jo

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