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    Governor Inaugurates Echelon Officers at Gedung Sate Yard


    BANDUNG-As a follow-up in fulfilling on the new organizational structure and working procedure Governor Ahmad Heryawan for the second time inducts echelon II and III in the scope of West Java Province Government, on Monday (9/1), at Gedung Sate Yard Bandung.

    A total of approximately 1300 officials consisting of echelon II and III were sworn in at a new position and a new structure and also new officials in the old structure. The reading of the names of sworn it lasted for three hours, from 08.30 to 11.30. The reading is conducted alternately by Echelon II and III. Inaugural preceded the appointment of the oath of office by Governor. When the words of the oath reads, "I will work with honest and orderly", then this sentence is read three times by the Governor and it is followed also by officials three times by confirmed officials. Apparently this is an affirmation and attention led to his subordinates, that "work with honest and orderly".

    In his speech, Governor Ahmad Heryawan reiterated that "what is expected to inaugurated new officials", is two things. First, the "loyalty", and the second is the "performances".

    Referred to "loyalty", is loyal to the sun, the Governor assisted by a vice governor. Then the "performance" is working to achieve the vision of West Java, "said the Governor.

    Governor expressed congratulations and gratitude for the inauguration of new officials as he asserted, "that the position is not glory but the burden and the mandate and the mandate must be accomplished well", added the governor.

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