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    Traffic Jams and Flooding in Bandung Have to Overcome in 2017


    BANDUNG-fourth year in leading Bandung, Bandung Mayor Ridwan Kamil should be able to cope with congestion. However, based on a survey, people are still pessimistic that congestion can be resolved.

    According to the Chairman of the Institute of Service and Community Empowerment (LPPM) Tonny Judiantono, many people are pessimistic Emil can solve the problem of congestion in the city of Bandung. It was submitted in the Discussion and Press Conference of Bandung City Government Performance Reflection 2016 in LPPM National University, Bandung, (5/1).

    This, it is known based on the survey of the Research Center for Public Policy and Community Service (PPKPPM) LPPM National University (UNIK) on 1-10 December 2016 ago. The number of respondents surveyed, 400 respondents with a multi-stage random sampling method. The interview itself is done face to face by using a questionnaire. As a result, approximately 48.2% of people assessing Emil unable to resolve the congestion.

    From the survey results, said Tonny, Bandung city government must improve flood management infrastructure and congestion. Currently, Bandung transport infrastructure is not ready.

    "The main problem, the road networks in Bandung are short. There should be a system in favor of public transport," he said.

    Based on the survey results, he said, people assess the two most important issues resolved in Bandung. Namely, the boulevard was flooded during the rains as much as 28.6% and 25.5% of congestion on the road.

    "We conducted a survey, the public considers that the most important issue is flooding and traffic congestion," said Tonny. jo

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