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    Iwa: Salaries of Civil Servants Disburse on Friday!


    BANDUNG-Certainty about the salary of Civil Servants (PNS) West Java provincial government began ablaze.

    West Java Regional Secretary (Secretary)Iwa Karniwa said it had returned to observe directly to the Board of Finance and Asset Management (BPKAD) to see how far the maintenance process of civil servants salaries in January 2017.

    "This afternoon I review so it can be no certainty of two things related to finance," he said at Gedung Sate, Bandung, Thursday (5/1).

    First, the list of budget replenishment (DPA) in 2017 will be submitted by West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan this afternoon. DPA according Iwa effective from today for all the regional organization (WTO). "Both salaries of employees, from 56 OPD stay 7 OPD which is in the process of administration," he said.

    In order to accelerate the process of administrative, financial section of 7 WTO has been called directly to BPKAD to upload their own administrative documents.

    "It is not uploaded in WTO because it is afraid to be delayed, so to be completed today. Insha Allah, seeing the process and work colleagues, Friday salary is already liquid to respective accounts of civil servants, "he said.

    Previously delays in salary itself occurs because the provincial government is still processing the administration of new Organizational Structure Working Procedures (SOTK), there were 28,000 civil servants from regency / city into provincial jurisdiction. (Even)

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