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    Governor Confirmed Board of West Java LPJK


    BANDUNG-Based on West Java Governor Decree No. 239 / KEP.01-dbmtr / 2017 on the strengthening of Construction Services Development Management (LPJK) Board of West Java Province Year Period 2017/2020, West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan (Aher) decided, establish, strengthen LPJK management and the Supervisory Board, in the West Hall of Gedung Sate Bandung, Tuesday (03/01/2017).

    "On behalf of the Provincial Government congratulated working to all ranks of Construction Services Development Board (LPJK) in West Java Period 2017/2020," said Aher.

    LPJK Board was confirmed as part of business entities associations element, professional associations, universities, or experts, and government representatives are elected from the results of a series of selection that is implemented transparently, independently, as well as promoting integrity and professionalism.

    The governor said that LPJK has a strategic role, among others, and encourage research and development of construction services, then education and training of construction services, as well as the registration of construction workers that includes classification, qualification, and certification of skills, and expertise. Then register a business entity, doing the registration of construction service business, encourage and enhance the role of mediation, and expert assessment in services.

    "LPJK role is very strategic to reorganize, develop and ensure the quality of our construction, from planning, and oversight, implementation, and audit of construction," said Aher.

    Aher said, that it is extremely important to ensure the quality of construction service, in order to present the best construction quality. "I think, and I'm sure we can do that, of course start from regulation, and devices that surrounded it must be utterly inconceivable to guarantee the best quality can be realized, the business world can be realized, and the common welfare mutual benefit can be realized," he added.

    The board members are confirmed as follows:
    A. Board
    Chairman: Eman Sulaiman
    Vice Chairman I: Revelation Adi Sulistiarso
    Vice Chairman II: Imam asuri
    Vice Chairman III: Muhamad Nur Kuswandana

    Members I: Deden Y Hidayat
    Members II: Candra Asep Supriatna
    Members III: Asep Supriatna
    Members IV: Salman Haris

    B. Board of Trustees
    1. HM. Guntoro (elements of Local Government)
    2. Ali Hasan (Association of Indonesia Businessman)
    3. PE. Indrato (National Association of Indonesian Consultants)

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