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    The Dago PLTA Still Operations Since 1923


    BANDUNG-The Dago hydro power plant (PLTA) in Bengkok has been operating since 1923 in the era of Netherlands. 3 turbines were installed alternately operates according to the needs of electricity supply in Java-Bali power interconnection system.

    "Although the total capacity is only 2100 VA, but hydro power plant is enough to help the electrical system in Java and Bali, especially during the peak hours at 19 to 22," said Dada Iskandar, Senior Supervisor of hydropower Dago Bengkok, in the event Press Gathering together with PLN Distribution of West Java and Banten ,

    Most of the equipment or turbine components is also fairly pristine, as periodic maintenance.

    "The most are installed here is original, such as turbine and other components including the building. Only a small part already be changed such as floors, walls and insulation chamber with a turbine operator,” Dada said.

    For periodic repair, everything is done by a Dago Bengkok technician itself, and there is a major component of winding wires and magnet as one of the major components of turbines that can be made by one of the workshops in Dayeuhkolot Bandung regency.


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