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    Cimahi Police Chief Got Award from Nasional Police Chief


    CIMAHI-West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan (Aher) attend the award from National Police Chief Gen. Tito Karnavian to Cimahi Police Chief Adjunct Senior Commissioner Ade Syam Indradi in Cimahi Police Headquarters yard, on Tuesday (01/03/2017).
    Present on the occasion, West Java police chief Inspector General of Police Anton Charliyan, Cimahi Vice Mayor Sudiarto, West Bandung Regent Abubakar, and a number of officials from Police, West Java Regional Police, Cimahi Police, West Java Provincial Government, Cimahi Government City and West Bandung Regency Government.
    This award is given on the appreciation of Nasional Police Chief to the performance of Cimahi Police Chief that is judged to have formed a positive image of the police in the public eye. Cimahi Police is thought to have applied daily tasks as free agency from levies and brokering.
    The award started by ceremony together in Cimahi Police Headquarters yard. At the rally, Ade directly receives the award in the form of a charter from national police chief Tito Karnavian.
    "Maybe a bit strange that national Police having chief ceremony in the police station. But this I do because of pride in what the police chief Cimahi," said Tito.
    Moreover, Tito also said that his side had obtained news if Ade has helped people suffering from eye tumor. Where it is, received a positive response from the public, to get to the news media. "Even intens praise in social media. For that I had come, because there is the humanist side that is expected to appear in every Bhayangkara human being," he said.
    Tito also admitted, his side has fielded a special team to check the intentions of Cimahi police chief help the eye tumor patients. "I check, whether it is a set or natural. Having to conclusions, I decided to give an appreciation in the form of award once so attention coaching career is concerned," said police chief Tito.
    As Tito said, Steps that is taken by Ade in accordance with the vision of the police, that is to build a good image with the concept of professional, modern, and reliable. According to him, public confidence is very important, so we need pro-active and preventive efforts are essential effort of every member of the national police.
    "As police officers, pro-active and preventive efforts were being humane. It is appropriate with regulations if the Police as guardian and protector of the people. Do not solely rely on repressive and forceful measures. Forced is final attempt that is made," he said.
    For that, he said, there needs to be a role model, or personal that can be replicated, or role models. Tito insisted that there must be precedents that ranking generals, officers, non-commissioned officers but did not win any, as may be sincere and honest work, could be a role model in question.
    West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan (Aher) appreciates the achievement of one of the members of the National Police. Aher calls this success as his success as law enforcement in the context of the state's duty and community service assignment.

     "It is incredible. Police chief gives appreciation for the member who is consistent with the task of eradication of extortion, it is admirable, means that the Police during this constancy in his determination to provide the best service for the community, "he said.
    Aher hopes that what he (Cimahi Police Chief Adjunct Senior Commissioner Ade Syam Indradi) fought is inspiring all parties, especially the state office holders, both civilian and military.

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