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    West Java Provincial Government Builds A New Road To Ciletuh Geopark


    SUKABUMI REGENCY-West Java Provincial Government in early 2017 will build the fastest way to access Ciletuh Geopark. The new road along 33 Kilometer will extend from the Loji in Palabuhan Ratu area to Palangpang beach in Ciwaru village Ciemas subdistrict which is the center of existence Ciletuh Geopark.

    This is confirmed by West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan (Aher) during a working visit to the Sukabumi regency in Southern Part of West Java regional development plans, in plaza of Mega Amphitheatre Panenjoan, Sukabumi, Sunday (01/01/2017).

    "The ultimate objective of complete physical in 2017 God willing," said Aher who was accompanied by Sukabumi Regent Marwan Hamami.

    Aher said, the construction of roads which will cost Rp 200 billion, it could save up to 2.5 hours. When through the old paths, usually tourists who are going to Ciletuh Geopark through Palabuhan Ratu should take time for 3 hours.

    "It greatly saves time, which is usually 3 hours when passing lane can only be half an hour," he said.

    Throughout this new path travelers will enjoy the beauty of millions years old earth garden and it will soon be judged to be the Unesco Global Geopark. Because this new path will be along the shoreline.

    "If it is completed then we can enjoy geopark from Loji in the region of Palabuhan Ratu until Palangpang," he explained.

    Aher added, this new road will be built new destinations at a certain point for the tourists to be photographed.

    At this point also there will be a new destination at a specific location for the photos, "he said.

    In addition to create a new way, in 2017 the provincial government will also have to make Ciletuh Geopark entrance gate at the end of Bagbagan bridge, Cidadap Village, Simpenan Subdistrict. And it will also be constructed Tourism Information Center, some plaza in the region of Tamanjaya and Puncak Dharma.

    "I think some of physical construction completion which indicates that access to places that are connected to a large area of geopark can be passed quickly and comfortably," he explained.

    After interviews with the media, Aher then donated as much as 5 tons of rice as well as 1000 seedlings of coffee and coconut to the village chief Waluran subdistrict of Tamanjaya.

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