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    Substitution Years Self Introspection in the Islamic Dakwah Center Mosque


    BANDUNG-If most people spend the new year with party and clustered in crowded centers, then there are some people who spend it with "muhasabah 'and dhikr in the mosque while listening to religious admonitions.

    West Java Islamic Dakwah Center Mosque was organizing "Muhasabah" event which was attended by thousands of Muslims who came from various areas in West Java. Muhasabah is organized in cooperation with the Daily Republika and West Java Islamic Dakwah Center, Saturday (31/12) starting at 20:00 until the time of evening prayer (morning 02:00).

    New Year's Eve with muhasabah is preceded by Islamic lectures, including by the Governor of West Java and KH.Athian Ali and at night will be closed with evening prayer in congregation.

    Meanwhile Governor Ahmad Heryawan in his lecture explains that God has created two computation time for the human race, namely by moon computation time called Qomariah and based on the sun, known as Syamsiah. "Those are the two signs of some verses of Allah, obviously Aher.
    Therefore, further Aher, muhasabah meeting tonight to spend the turn of the syamsiyah year should be meaningful not only for the world but also to the next. Aher hopes that muhasabah does not be done every year, but it can be done at any time.
    After delivering his tausyiyah, then Aher gives a door prize for two people Umrah pilgrims by a draw. While Vice Governor Demiz who was also present also give a gift for two people anyway.

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