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    Governor: This Position is not Glory, But Burden and Responsibility


    BANDUNG-Governor Ahmad Heryawan asserts, that "position" is not glory. This position is a burden and responsibility. When the burden and responsibility are exercised by the new mandate be the glory.

    Indeed, when the position was carried out with the full mandate, with fraud, with no responsibility, by omission, I am concerned is precisely not the glory that will be achieved by us all, but that will happen is the indignity before accountability in the court of the Almighty in the Judgment day, "that we need to keep in mind", said Aher, in his speech at the inauguration ceremony and the echelons inauguration in the neighborhood of West Java Provincial Government, Saturday (31/12) in the West Hall of Gedung Sate Bandung.

    Confirmed by the Governor, that the position is mandate and where it should be channeled? The mandate must be channeled to the loyalty to the country where the country has state officials, the president and at the provincial level is deputy head of state in the province, the governor. At the provincial level manifestation of loyalty to the state is the governor, repeated governor.

    Further Aher, at the provincial level there is only one sun, the governor assisted by a vice governor. But the vice governor is not the sun, but part of the sun, "there can not be two suns", said the Governor.

    To whom we work in the world? the governor replied: "Of course for our supreme leader, the president of the branches below it (the governor, regent / mayor)," in the hereafter of course to reach the blessings of God and that is the meaningful of life.

    Use all the existing facilities including income improvement allowance (TPP) for the meaningfulness of life.

    "There are only two that I want, namely "loyalty and performance. Let us bring excellent performance and great loyalty to the success of the Indonesian nation, added Aher.

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